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fast laboratory diagnostics

Among the many miseries cancer brings, the anguish of the waiting for a diagnosis is one of the worst.

We kill the some of this misery by majorly reducing the time for diagnostic tests.

Which also makes diagnostic labs more productive and profitable.

OaCP, incorporated in 2017 has developed and patented proprietary reagents that act directly on DNA radically increasing the efficiency of genetic tests for cancer diagnosis and also potentially speeding up a variety of other DNA processes in industry.

At Oncology and Cytogenetic Products we are always attentive to the needs of you professionals.

We believe that the quality of labor in molecular biology is fundamental, it also may be economic (Smart-ISH Solve) and, why not, rapid (Rapid-ISH Integra) because in a world faster and faster in asking questions answers must be given quickly.

We carried out the research conducted by the University of Bologna to develop DoMo Genetics reagents for fast laboratory diagnostics, but we do not stop now!

We are still into investigating and seeking new solutions for you.

If you have ideas or suggestions we are here to help you develop them, please contact us!

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