Easy FISH Pretreatment Kit

Are you bored by preparing and checking lab solution every single day^

Does it consume your time and resources?

In our experience, we can respond, together, YES!

OACP present EASY FISH Pre-treatment solutions KIT (for FFPE Tissues): a fully compatible product that has been studied to make FISH Tests easier.

With only one kit you can perform the pre-treatment protocol for multiple tissue types and probes.

It is all about an initial set-up and the rest of the lab work will be Easy, simple and with a lower risk of making errors.

EASY FISH is compatible not only with the Rapid-ISH and Smart- ISH buffers but with almost all the commercial probes already in the market.

We work to make the lab life better and easier.

Ask for a DEMO at ask@oacp.it or by filling the contact form.

We can also customize the kit composition according to our needs.

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