OpenLab | OaCP As A Service: your R&D lab

We’ve created OaCP among the benches of a lab. Since then, we’ve always worked on the improvement of our products.
We’ve been trusted by many partners for the validation of their products and their introduction to the Italian market.
We’ve also designed evolutions and addendums to partners’  products, working in conjunction with their R&D departments.
Starting from this multi-year R&D experience, we’ve decided to open our labs and knowledge to every company, research institution, university, lab, and everyone who needs support in the design, analysis, and optimization of:


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DNA and RNA genome tools

Designing a good experiment is the basis of its reproducibility, just as the right design of probes to be used in PCR amplification and detection experiments is essential to define the specificity of an assay. 

A good probe, powerful and capable of recognizing the determined sequence, must be able to emit a specific signal clearly superior to the background interferences and work in conjunction with the pair of primers chosen, in such a way as to avoid obtaining dubious or difficult to interpret information. 

There are many rules, but experience plays a decisive role. 

OaCP provides the know-how of the scientific team for the OaCP_Open/Lab project: a personalized service to help scientists to design even difficult assays, using a wide range of choices to respond with powerful designs to most complex experimental situations.

Design, analysis and optimization of oligonucleotides and probes for molecular diagnostics and research:

  • (q)PCR primers
  • qPCR probes
  • Design, analysis and optimization for TaqMan probes (dual- labelled)
  • Design, analysis and optimization for Molecular beacons probes
  • Design, analysis and optimization for Scorpions probes
  • qPCR probes with MGB technology and LNA ( Locked Nucleic Acid) technology
  • Preparation of customized qPCR diagnostic panels

No solid charges, just work hours.

Sequencing services and Genome editing

Next generation sequencing and genome editing are important technological advances that have made the investigation of the genome and its modification, in cells or organisms, a vision that has become reality. 

The options available to carry out NGS and genome editing experiments are various, moreover, experimental technique design involves extensive knowledge of alternatives in the field as well as a careful choice of the tools available from various companies. 

At OaCP we know that time is very precious and our goal is to avoid wasting it. 

OaCP_Open/Lab team will escort researchers in finding the most suitable solution for each experimental needs, leading him through the most critical phases of the procedures: from the definition of the experimental objectives to the evaluation of the on/off targets up to the choice of the best available experimental solution. 

The proposal available is ambitious and stimulating and ranges from the use of libraries to design of custom solutions. 

Furthermore, the service will also continue during the experimental phase, with active support throughout the experiment up to data analysis, to address and solve any critical aspects.

  • Crispr-Cas9 experimental design 
  • EMSA (Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay/ Gel-Shift Assay) experimental design and primers/ probes preparation 
  • Site-direct mutagenesis 
  • SNP genotyping
  • CNV genotyping
  • Plasmid preparation: in silico cloning and optimization
  • Gene expression studies 

Materials expenses and work hours.

Pathogens (SARS-CoV-2 included) research and diagnostics design tools:

Creation of tools dedicated to the determination, the dosage or the identification of pathogens and recurrent or rare mutations in the field of pathology, requires ability to operate using the most up-to-date information. 

We believe that our innovative analytical tools, combined with our experience, can represent a useful solution for laboratories aimed to analyse genomic or signaling pathway dysfunctions in many diseases, including cancer, and can effectively contribute to the development of precision medicine. 

Submit your experimental hypothesis to us, OaCP_Open/Lab team will take care of finding and designing the best method to evaluate it. 

OaCP_Open/Lab is able to provide the design for qPCR and NGS panels aimed at the analysis of viral, bacterial or mycotic pathogens, at the evaluation of expression and specific transcripts up to drug development and biomarkers validation.

  • Specific Proteins preparation: wuhCor1/SARS-CoV-2 – reference and variants: B.1.1.7/ B.1.351/ P1/ P2/ B.1.617/ B.1.617.1/ B.1.617.2/ B.1.617.3/ B.1.525/ B.1.526/ B.1.526.1/ B.1.526.2/B.1.427/ B.1.429.
  • Mutation analysis tools design
  • SARS-CoV-2 control sequences

Materials expenses and work hours.

Bioinformatics and statistical solutions

New research approaches, from Next Generation Sequencing to large qPCR panels have revolutionized research in biotechnology. Managing and analysing such a large amount of data requires careful planning, expert methodology, and specific definitions. 

OaCP_Open/Lab offers complete bioinformatics solutions in all aspects of biological research to companies and academic institutions.  OaCP_Open/Lab analyses, for you, data generated by a wide range of platforms, managing cutting-edge bioinformatics software, algorithms and pipelines, producing high-quality, publication-ready output, reports and data.

    Materials expenses (dedicated software and work hours).